Young Mediterranean Voices (YMV) in Finland 2019

Young Mediterranean Voices (YMV) is by far the most successful transnational youth program in the south Mediterranean area: thousands of participants, hundreds of debates. This fall YMV finally reaches Finland. Become part of the movement – train yourself to argument and influence!

Mini briefing on YMV, 9 October, Helsinki

As a part of the Young Influencer meeting on 9 October, Spanish debate champion and leader Ariadna Romans introduces us to influencing with debate skills and to YMV debate network. Register by 1 October.

Public Debate, 12 November, Rovaniemi

Two debaters from South of Mediterranean, two from North. Moderator: Ariadna Romans. This is the First Young Mediterranean Voices debate in Finland! Welcome!

Communication Lab, 2–3 December, Kokkola

The Anna Lindh Foundation will organise in Finland a Strategic Communications Lab on 2–3 December 2019 aimed at empowering young leaders with enhanced digital literacy and media skills and connect them with leading communications companies about how to enhance online reach. The lab is for young influencers involved in different civil society sectors and it will be run in association with leading experts and technology companies working to support marketing campaigns. Participants of the lab will be confirmed by the end of October and they will be from Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Denmark and South of Mediterranean.

Erasmus + Virtual debates

Anyone, anywhere can join the new #ErasmusVirtual Debate Program. Meet young people online from all around Europe & the Southern Mediterranean to debate topics of your choice. Check Erasmus+ web page for debates, training and more.

Intercultural Online Debates bring together young people from diverse backgrounds and students from higher education to meet online and debate topics of their choice, with the support of a regional resource network of trained team leaders. The training will focus on a parliamentary model of public debate and an approach.

Participants are first taught to listen, understand, and absorb what others in the group are saying before responding to the messages being relayed. The objective of this activity is to enhance young people’s debate skills, such as: building arguments, active listening & rebuttal, organisation of speeches and the use of a specific format for debating.

Participants can take part in a Debate Team Leader Training and build their own Team of debaters or participate as a Single Debater. Participants don’t need to have any experience in debating. They also don’t have to be enrolled in a university programme.

More information on or via email: debate-exchange[at]

Kuva: Anna Lindh Foundation