Apply now: ALF gives 3000€ and 7000€ grants for network members’ events!

NOTE! New deadline 2 October 2021!

The Anna Lindh Foundation is asking for event proposals from the members of the 42 network countries to be included in the Intercultural Cities and Learning programme. The network members may apply for 3000€ or 7000€ grants for their events (total allocation 207 000€). The deadline for proposals is 2 October, and the events must be held between 25 October and 13 December 2021.

The 3000€ grants are available for events carried out within the National Network, organized by Finnish ALF member or members.

The 7000€ grants are available for international cross-network events. The events must be organized by a member of the Finnish ALF network and a member of one of the ALF networks in the South (Algeria; Egypt; Jordan; Israel; Lebanon; Mauritania; Palestine; Morocco; Tunisia; Turkey). The events that have at least three organizers have a priority. The leader of the consortium must be the Head of Network in one of the ALF countries.

The event can be e.g. a lecture, debate or discussion, panel, exhibition, roundtable, research presentation, cultural activity, workshop, conference, short movie with discussions or theatrical performance. A list of the themes can be found in the instructions below.

FIME is not going to submit an own proposal, but as coordinators we will be happy to help the network members with the application and finding partners. When the time comes, we will also help you to market your event. Even in the case that you do not need help, it would be useful for us to know that you are going to submit a proposal/application.

Updates to the application process made on 10 September:

Guidelines (with old dates):

Application form: