Apua Gazaan ry Unveils New Humanitarian Initiatives to Support Gaza


Apua Gazaan ry, a dedicated Finnish humanitarian organization, has launched a series of impactful initiatives aimed at providing critical assistance to the people of Gaza. These new programs reflect the organization’s unwavering commitment to addressing urgent needs and fostering long-term resilience and wellbeing among those affected by ongoing conflicts.

Medical Supply Collection Drive:

In a significant new effort, Apua Gazaan ry has initiated a medical supply collection drive. Partnering with hospitals and healthcare providers across Finland, the organization is gathering essential medical supplies, including bandages, antiseptics, surgical instruments, and medications. These crucial supplies will be directly shipped to healthcare facilities in Gaza, supporting local medical professionals in delivering much-needed care.

Educational Support and Digital Learning:

Recognizing the transformative power of education, Apua Gazaan ry is launching targeted programs to support students in Gaza. The organization is collecting school supplies and textbooks and establishing digital learning platforms. Finnish volunteer educators will offer online classes in subjects such as English, mathematics, and science, providing Gaza’s students with valuable educational resources and opportunities.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Programs:

Addressing the psychological impacts of conflict, Apua Gazaan ry is introducing comprehensive mental health and wellbeing initiatives. These programs include training for local mental health professionals and the creation of safe spaces for counseling. Workshops on trauma recovery and stress management will also be provided, helping individuals cope with the ongoing challenges they face.

Community Engagement and Awareness Campaigns:

To enhance awareness and support within Finland, Apua Gazaan ry is organizing a series of community engagement and awareness campaigns. These campaigns will include informational sessions, fundraising events, and cultural exchange programs designed to highlight the humanitarian situation in Gaza. The goal is to mobilize resources and foster empathy within the Finnish community.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Apua Gazaan ry is currently looking for volunteers to support their new initiatives. Available roles include organizing medical supply collections, teaching online classes, offering mental health assistance, and participating in awareness campaigns. Volunteers will receive thorough training and resources to ensure they can effectively contribute to the organization’s mission.


Apua Gazaan ry is committed to offering crucial support and fostering resilience in Gaza. The organization’s new initiatives focus on critical healthcare and educational needs, while also promoting mental wellbeing and community cohesion. By mobilizing resources and engaging volunteers throughout Finland, Apua Gazaan ry aims to make a significant and lasting impact on those affected by conflict. Together, individuals and communities can contribute to a brighter future for Gaza, grounded in hope, compassion, and mutual understanding. For more information on how to get involved, please visit the official website.