Anna Lindh Finnish National Network

Finland has been an active member of the Anna Lindh Foundation since the beginning in 2005. Currently there is over 100 members (CSOs and other organizations in addition to individual members) in the Finnish Network.

What does the Finnish Network do?

The Finnish network was without a mandated coordinator for the latter part of the year 2018. The Foundation of the Finnish Institute in the Middle East resumed as the head of the Finnish network at the beginning of 2019. For the spring of 2019, following activities have been planned: program at World Village festival, program at the Finnish Social Forum and also a network meet in May.

Previous activities:

In August 2017, a joint-project Anna Lindh Network Days for Intercultural Citizenship Education  was organized together with 9 other ALF National Networks.

Muuttuvat kaupungit/Changing Cities Project was a joint action of the Network members in 2015-2016. In autumn 2014 the common Network activity was the Middle Eastern Film & Arts Festival organized primarily by MEFA ry. In addition, the Network has in the past produced for instance a report on Imam training in Finland, an exhibition, seminars and panel discussions. Members of the Finnish Network have cooperated with i.e. Moroccan, Palestinian, Greek and Estonian ALF members in different projects. Individual members of the Network have also joined the seminars, workshops and other events organized by Anna Lindh Foundation around the Mediterranean region.

Finnish Network has published two books: Impivaarasta pyramideille – kulttuurienvälinen vuoropuhelu ja suomalainen kansalaisyhteiskunta (2011) and A Flying Finn – Finnish Civil Society Actors in the Global Sphere (2013).

What does the Head of the Finnish Network (FIME) do?

From July 2014 till May 2022 the Head of Network was Executive Anu Leinonen from the Foundation of the Finnish Institute in the Middle East. Until 2014 the Head of the Finnish Network was TAPRI and Professor Tuomo Melasuo. The Network Coordination is supported by the Secreteriat of the Anna Lindh Foundation in Alexandria, Egypt as well as the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Finland.

The main goals for the coordination of the National Network are:

  • Strengthening the knowledge of cultures and civil societies of the Mediterranean countries in Finland
  • Activating the Finnish civil society actors in intercultural dialogue with the civil society actors in Mediterranean countries, particularly Middle Eastern and North African societies
  • Promoting the activities of the Anna Lindh Foundation in Finland
  • Extending the Finnish Network and its activities around the country
  • Counseling the members and helping them participate in the calls for proposals and other activities of the Anna Lindh Foundation.

Finnish National Network Rules

List of the members in the Finnish Network