General assembly: Minorities’ Voices in Finland

18.11.2020 - 18.11.2020

Event description

18.11.2020 klo 17.00 – 19.00, Zoom

The first 30 minutes of this event are reserved for the General Assembly of the Finnish Anna Lindh network. After the meeting, we will have a Timeout dialogue on the minorities’ representations and voices in Finland. The event is organised online with Zoom.

Are minorities heard in the Finnish society? Who can and should represent whom and how could this be done in the most inclusive way, taking into account diversity inside minority groups? 

NGOs, researchers and individual spokespersons speak for minorities in public debates and committees. Only a narrow selection of voices appear in the media: it is always the same people to be interviewed and invited into talk shows. 

In the Finnish ALF network, we bring together people who are from minorities themselves, who work with minorities or do research on them. We would like to invite you to discuss: How do you experience being in a role where you are expected to speak on behalf of a vast group of people? Or, how do you experience being represented by somebody else? 

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