Network meeting

16.03.2022 - 16.03.2022

Event description

Invitation: Network Meeting 16 March

16 March 2022 at 16.00 – 17.30, Zoom

We cordially invite you to a meeting of the Finnish Anna Lindh network.

In this meeting, you have a chance to

  • learn more about the forthcoming events
  • speak out your ideas and expectations for the future of the network
  • stand as a candidate and vote in the election of the new steering committee.

We hope that every member organization can send at least one participant.

The first network meeting in 2022 will plunge into strategic work – this is the moment when network members have their say for the next coordination period 2022–2024. 

Join us and have your say. What do you think the network should prioritize? What would be useful for you? What do you want to do together with the other members?

We will also elect the next steering committee (3–4 members and 1–3 vice members) for the term 2022–2024. Do you want to be in the steering committee? Read more in the end of this page!

Register by 10.3. with the form. Please tell if you would like to stand as a candidate or would like to propose someone for the steering committee. Member organizations can send any number of participants, but in case of an election, each member organization or individual member has one vote.

The event is held mainly in English.

This meeting is held in Zoom. Don’t forget to sign up for the network live party on 31 March.


  1. Ideas and expectations for the 2022–2024 coordination period (in break-out rooms) and discussion
  2. Electing the new steering committee
  3. Forthcoming events.

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    Do you want to be in the steering committee?

    The committee convenes once or twice in year, supporting the coordinators in planning and strategic work, and shares information on network activities.

    The network selects 3–4 members to the steering committee. If there are more than 4 willing, an election will be organized as a Zoom poll.

    The network rules delineate the role and composition of the steering committee in the following way:

    “The structure of the Network includes a steering committee consisting of the HoN and a minimum of three committed members selected by the Network members for a 2-year term.”

    “the work of HoN is supported and steered by a steering committee, whose members consist of the NC and a representative of the Finnish MFA, and minimum of three members nominated by the members of the Network. The HoN is expected to conduct the coordination in a transparent and democratic manner.”

    “The steering committee:

    1. Plans and evaluates the actions of the Finnish Network together with the NC and in accordance to the demands and limitations set by the Finnish MFA and the Anna Lindh Foundation.
    2. Selects the representatives of the Finnish Network and the Finnish civil society to international Anna Lindh Foundation meetings, and selects the guests invited to Finland by the HoN when and where applicable.
    3. Informs the public at large of the activities of the ALF and the Finnish Network, and shares its best practices.”

    If you are interested in the membership, please prepare to introduce yourself and tell a bit about your possible input in the steering group.

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