New member: FIMU ry

Introduction by FIMU ry:

The Finnish Multicultural Sports Federation FIMU was founded in 1999. The aim of the organization is to safeguard the interests and to promote sports opportunities for people with immigrant background,  and to increase general awareness of multicultural sports in Finland.

One of the main goals of the federation is to promote integration and good cultural relations in the Finnish society through sports. FIMU has long-standing projects, such as Red Card for Racism and Discrimination Free Zone, with which to work towards those goals. In addition FIMU strives to improve the equal opportunities of young people and women with current projects “Mamanet – grassroots team sports for women and young girls” and “Pinnalla (Afloat, Above the Surface) – equal opportunities within water sports”

FIMU comprises 64 sports clubs and associations throughout Finland, many of these realizing local projects for promoting equality, solidarity and anti-racism.

Mamanet sports team for women and young girls.