Reach international audiences with the Anna Lindh newsletter

As of January 2022 the ALF Secretariat in Alexandria, Egypt, will set up an email monthly trilingual newsletter (English, Arabic, French) to make more visible updates from the ALF National Networks and the ALF Secretariat on activities related to intercultural dialogue (upcoming events, publications, pertinent news, etc.) and other meaningful EuroMed information relevant to the over current 4,000 ALF members and partners and progressively beyond. It will be published on the first week of each month.

Each monthly newsletter will include at least 10 highlighted updates from the National Networks (with title, image, short description and a link to the source), in addition to other updates that will be classified by theme and showed up only with the title and link.

Selection criteria

The updates to be selected for the monthly newsletter should be:

  • Relevant in terms of timing and potential interest to a large ALF Network audience rather than to a single National Network
  • Published in one of the 3 ALF languages on the landing page to which the reader will be directed

and they should have (at least) one of the following aims:

  • Encourage participation at upcoming events
  • Increase awareness of certain calls and opportunities
  • Inform about achievements relevant to the general Network
  • Engage new members/grassroot organisations of the national networks

Content sharing

The content gathering process will take place through the Network News section on the ALF website. Please send the relevant content update to the coordinator of your National Network in one of the 3 ALF languages including the following elements:

  • A short, catchy and informative title
  • An image (of good resolution, related to the subject)
  • Description in max. 200 words including the 5 Ws (who, what, when, where, why, and how). This means the news should include information on: who is organising / implementing / inviting, etc.; what they are organising / implementing / inviting to, etc.; when and where it takes place (date, time, online, offline, hybrid, place’s name, etc.); why they are organising / implementing / inviting, etc. (why the readers should take part in / be interested in this); and when relevant, how the reader can take part or benefit from it.
  • A link leading to more information
  • Optional: a file or a PDF for further reference

In order to be considered for the subsequent monthly newsletter, please send your content to your Head of Network coordinator early enough so they can upload it on the ALF Network News section no later than the 23rd of each month.

Based on the above criteria, the ALF Secretariat will make the selection of the updates from the Network News section and edit them in a reader-friendly format and translate them into the two other ALF languages. 

Please note that the Network News section continues to serve as a tool of information for the Network in general. Not all news uploaded on the Network News section will be induced in the monthly newsletter but they will be given visibility through social media posts. Therefore we encourage you to share also updates on your regular activities with your Head of Network coordinator(s).

We have over 4000 recipients waiting to know more about you!