Summary of the program 3 June network meeting

This is the summary of the program of the Finnish Anna Lindh network meeting.

The meeting will take place 3 June in Hanasaari (Hanasaarenranta 5, 02100 Espoo). There will be a shuttle bus from Koivusaari metro station to Hanasaari and back. All members of the Anna Lindh network and other interested are welcome! Please enroll by 26th May to ella.kaplas[at]

11:30 lunch at the restaurant of Hanasaari

12:30 Opening words (room: Kullager)

Briefing on Intercultural Trends Report.

A short lecture by Konrad Pedziwiatr. Pedziwiatr is a professor at Cracow University of Economics. His expertise lies in Sociology of migration and religion, social movements, Islam and Muslim communities in Europe, Islamism in MENA countries, immigrants in Poland and Polish migration policy. Recently he has been involved in a variety of research projects, including ‘Islamism and Pluralism – Islamist Movements in Egypt and Tunisia after the Arab Spring’ and ‘Islamophobia in Germany, Poland and Russia’. He holds PhD from the from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.

13:30 Workshops: 1) Preventing youth radicalizaion, 2) What kind of values do we want our children to learn?, and 3) F2F meetings and media literacy skills against stereotypes.

14:15 Networking and coffee

14:45 Mini-workshop: program proposals for the MED FORUM 2020

15:15 Feedback to network coordinators

15:45 wrap-up

(Shuttle bus back to Koivusaari metro stop)