Become a member – it’s free!

Membership in ALF network is free and doesn’t require more than the willingness to commit to the values of Anna Lindh Foundation. The network is constantly looking for active members, both NGOs and individuals.

Membership in Finnish Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation

Finnish network of Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) organizes meeting for its members, informs the network about funding, projects, cooperation possibilities, and activities of the ALF secretary in Alexandria. Finnish network is an important forum for organizations working in the field Euro-Mediterranean cooperation. Our members are involved in themes like interfaith communication, multicultural events, civil society activism, cultures of the Mediterranean area, arts, mobility and intercultural citizenship education. We encourage our members to be active and organize events and projects in cooperation with each other.  We are happy to help you find partners for your projects.

Requirements and application process

Membership is free and we have only two requirements for the members (see below). However, we wish our network to be an active and tight network. For this reason we hope that our members participate in network meetings, which take place 1-2 times in a year. Membership application is to be made in ALF web page. Please fill in the required information. Important note: all the information that is written in the membership application form will be public. This is the information that is visible in the ALF “Our network” page and will be helpful to other organizations that want to find partners. For example see FIME in the ALF directory.

The applications are processed in the ALF secretary in Alexandria. After this, the applications come to the national network, the local Finnish network. If you are not contacted in reasonable time after submitting the application, please contact us in the Finnish network: it is possible, that your application has got stuck in the system!

The Finnish network has two requirements for the joining members:

1. The Network is open to all institutions, organizations and other partners who adhere to the principles and the mission of the Anna Lindh Foundation as defined in art. II.1 of the ALF Statutes, and whose work is based on democratic, pluralistic, and multilateral values;

2. Its members could belong to the following categories: NGOs; public, local and regional actors; public and private non-profit foundations; other non-profit organisations; social entrepreneurs, for-profit organisations with socially sustainable goals and individual members.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us! You can find some information about the past activities of the Finnish network in this webpage. Note that due to hiatus in the activities of the Finnish network in Apr.-Dec.2018, the site hasn’t been updated in some months. The network is still active and going strong, and we have been working the whole spring to restart our activities!

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