Video Workshop: Learn how to shoot and edit your own short films!

02.03.2021 - 20.04.2021

Event description

Join an 8-week online workshop (1 session a 2 hours per week) and learn how to tell a story in the form of short films!

In the workshop, participants will be trained to use smart phones in shooting and editing videos.  They will familiarize with the online video software WeVideo, which can be used to edit films on mobile devices and desktop computer. Each participant will prepare a 2-5 minute film during the workshop.

The workshop will take place on Tuesdays at 17-19 (Finnish time) from 2 March to 20 April 2021.

The story of the film can be about a project or an organization you are working or volunteering in. It can also focus on your personal experiences related to cultural diversity.  With social media platforms catering for video material, the creation of short films has become an increasingly important tool for marketing, dissemination of information and self-expression. What is more, making videos allows you to create a new journey for others to experience!

The workshop instructors are Sabine Küper-Büsch and Thomas Büsch, German documentary filmmakers based in Istanbul. Both authors have produced documentary films in the Middle East and South Eastern Europe that have been awarded on international Film Festivals. Their films have been screened in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France on prominent TV channels like ARD, ZDF, 3Sat and ARTE. They have educated trained and untrained filmmakers in short film production for digital formats in different countries. Their Online-Video Platform StreetWalking is a location for innovative new film narratives. Moreover, they were the winners of the Anna Lindh Euromed Journalist Award in 2014.

The workshop is organized by the Finnish National Network of the Anna Lindh Foundation. The workshop has space for maximum 15 participants. The participants do not need to have prior experience in filmmaking. The movies created in the workshop will be published online on the Platform StreetWalking. If the workshop gets full, members of the Anna Lindh Foundation Network are given priority. The workshop is held in English.

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